Block and Stone has over 25 years experience in designing and constructing driveways and gardens.

Site Survey
Assess usage whether for pedestrian, light or heavy vehicle traffic. Check level of damproof course on buildings.

Measure in square metres. Irregular shapes divide into traingles, rectangles or circles. Calculate each area and add together. Measure perimeter linear metres.

Take note of number of manhole covers and rainwater gullies for drain pipes and/or soakaways

Assess Gradients to ensure fall allows surface water to run away from house and retaining walls.
If gradient has to fall the wrong way calculate drainage channels and connection pipes required to drain system and /or soakaways via trapped gullies.

Entire site excavated by j.c.b to a depth not less than 250mm. Soft pockets further excavated. All debris stacked and removed by grab lorry. Back fill with crushed concrete mechanically consolidated to a thickness of 125mm. Lay geo textile weed supressing membrane preventing undergrowth and stabalising base for paving. Further back fill with type one aggregate screeded to contours and mechanically consolidated to 50mm. Continue consolidating until whole surface stable without air pockets.

Unsupported perimeter blocks or kerb stones laid on sand and cement and haunched with concrete to prevent lateral movement (it is not necessary to haunch blocks laid against house or retaining walls). Recessed manhole covers, drainage channels and gullies installed ensuring no debris allowed to foul main drainage system.
Further back fill with sharp sand screeded to final contours and mechanically consolidated to 25mm.
Lay paving blocks in chosen pattern, cut and fit part blocks with guillotine or diamond cutting disc. Mechanically consolidate until properly bedded and even. Check for cracked or chipped blocks and replace then brush in kiln dried joint filling sand and consolidate again.
Finally check for damaged blocks and replace then re sand and brush off surplus leaving site clean and tidy and ready for immediate use.

Site Courtesy
During excavation site will be at its worst condition.
Clear access to the front door will be maintained and client and visitors will be assisted to the front door as necessary during entire contract period.
Tools and equipment will be put away each night and unused materials stacked as neatly as possible. Road side deposits cordoned off with high visibility nets or barriers and battery powered safety lights deployed at night. Courtesy letters delivered to near neighbours and site board erected in approved position.

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